Sunday, May 17, 2009

It’s Called Loyalty

It’s Called Loyalty

(electric guitar: verse/clean maybe some chorus chorus/distortion and reverb)

I think that I’ve
said all I can
about the state of this
sinking boat
how many nights have I waited up hoping you’d talk to me
only to be cast aside?

Hold the lie in
pledge your undying love, again
say whatever is required for the part
don’t break character just yet
maybe we could just pretend
you mean it when you say I’m the only one

when you say you love me
why does it feel so insincere?
And when you hold me
why does it feel so cold and empty?
Maybe you could tell me again
how you two are just good friends?

Cut me down and smile
dismiss my emotions like you always do
look me in the eyes and swear your love is true
could you make me any more of a fool?
Why don’t you fuck my brother, too?
Fuck around and tell me it’s all in my head

do you remember when
I’d say I love you and
it actually meant something to you?
Now it feels likeI die every night
and I sit and wonder how I ever believed in you

and my heart should mean more to you than
a piece of trash you throw out your window on the side of the road
tell me again how it’s nobodies fault but mine
I’m sorry to have bothered you
I guess you were unaware I have a soul and feelings, too
or maybe they’re just meaningless in contrast to your huge fucking ego

1 comment:

  1. I know it's a bit different, but fuck I feel the same. Fool. Love. WHere did she come from? Why am I ignored after alllll of the love and affection.