Sunday, May 17, 2009



(organ or keyboard, electric guitar/delay, phase, reverse reverb, tremolo)
didn't you get my S.O.S.?
didn't you receive my urgent messages?
i've been tryin to hold on
i keep lookin, but i....
i keep hopin, but i....
i don't see no one
where did you go?
what's takin so long?
all i've done is dream of you
of being in your arms
i don't know your name, but i....
i don't know your face, but i....
i know how you feel
and in my sleep i buried my love in your backyard
giving your heart the only map
i know you shine so brightly like a star in the sky
but can't we meet somewhere besides my dreams?
can't my soul know your touch in real life?
and it occurred to me the other day -
that the wind only blows so it can feel that tingle
as it strokes your cheekflowing through your hair
flowers only bloom in the desperate hope
of being gazed upon by your deep eyes
its grand dreams of but for that brief span of time
it had been
to you
and let's be honest with ourselves
if but for a second
why else would a bird even bother to sing
but to wish to have your attention?
for that moment to be the center of your thoughts
hanging on its every sound
forever warming up until that magical day
that you happen by their way and the real
rendition can begin
and it can die happy
and a secret
just between you and me
because i like you so
what other reason for the snooze button to be
but to say 'i don't want to stop holding you yet,
i'm not ready to let go of this feeling
of being so at ease
so connected
so at peace
so complete'
it has to know how perfectly our arms fit around each other
it knows the intense feeling that radiates between you and me
the way every cell celebrates as my foot rubs against yours
the producers and casting agents had come through
they had bothered with character development in the script
all those bad movies
with their obvious and contrived plot lines
with its stalled and stagnant character arcs
they had all been worth being in
so sure the map had been correct so far
knowing no wrong turns could have been made
for it lead me to you
and there couldn't possibly be anywhere else i'd want to be
it may as well have been written in stone
it is infallible
it is the only scientifically accepted answer of 'it just is'


  1. Why did you take down my poem? I did not even save it in a file. Then, you took the picture down. Fuck. I dont deserve this A. Could you sent it to me? Still need your sleeve sometimes. C