Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vacuum Genesis

Vacuum Genesis

(electric guitar/reverb, chorus, something bright)

I feel all this hesitation
yet when i look in your eyes i want to fall into you
we shared a few situations
some i still haven't recovered from
i watch for some indication
you still dig me like you did the night before
was i just miscast as your type?

was it all in my mind
the way your touch made my soul flutter?
did i complicate a good time
by wishing the moment could last forever?
don't ask for my opinion
it's hard enough to keep my head above water
'cause when i close my eyes
all i see is your smile (la la la la)

i know the difference
between the lead role and an extra or brief cameo
can i talk to the casting director?
maybe i spent too much time memorizing your lines instead
maybe i was too nervous auditioning with such a beautiful star
i don't want to be in anyone else's play
and i can't change my mind

and did you know that i
i can still feel your lips pressed against my cheek?
i always think when you're close by
how much i wish i was holding your hand
i realize it's just an opinion
but without you i feel like i'm just killing time
'cause i'm holding out hope for tomorrow
being the day i hear from you again (and see your bright smile)

and i never knew that my
my heart could race quite so fast
until that night you laid smiling next to me
and your eyes sparkled like they held the universe and all creation
it's far from a mere opinion
it's a decree to lay at your feet everything that i am and will ever be
'cause all i can think of while i'm lying in bed
is my arms wrapped around you (fingers running through your hair)

la la la la la