Sunday, May 17, 2009

Traumen (Ich Errate Das Ich War)

Traumen (Ich Errate Das Ich War)

(acoustic guitar)

I thought I had found the one
but I guess I was mistaken
turns out I had it all so completely wrong
here we are now
I know it’s for the best but....
It’s not my fault my heart can’t seem to
forget your name or that every time I walk out and see the sunset I think of you
and what kind of goodbye was that?
I mean, really??
I thought there was more to it all
more weight, more meaning, more significance
but I guess my love is like a cigarette
it can only burn so long
and then you are done
and flicking it out the window
wishing your fingers and breath no longer bore the memory
of what’s now being repeatedly run over and crushed
like my heart
like my dreams
like my world
all of which revolved around you
and I can’t help feeling circumstance is getting a bum rap in all this
and even though it can be a little bitch, maybe happenstance is being set up
maybe there’s really more to it
but in the end would it even really matter?

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