Monday, February 9, 2009

conflicts of interest

how long must we wait
for this
occupation to end?
how many of our children
how many
dads and wives
must be sacrificed for your bottom line?

i'm not blind
i don't see an end comin
how many lives must be wasted?
your reasons are revolving lies
i don't want to panic
but i
just don't see an end comin
while we sit on our hands
aren't their lives just as important as yours or mine?

her scars are on her pillow
until they
slowly dry
no pictures on the mantle
of grandkids and a wife
just a fading memory and a folded flag

she said
'i don't want to hear that you're sorry,
i don't need to know that you sympathize
your yellow ribbons and flag magnet won't bring back my boy's life
why aren't you screaming?
why do you
just sit there and justify
all this madness
all this
loss of life
all of this devastation
it's just so overwhelming
please, stop pretending
everything is not alright
he didn't matter to the president
but he was my life
still, it feels like all the blame's mind
i can feel it
crushing down on top of me
he'd still be alive
if i could've afforded to send him to state

i lay down but nothing ever comes
feels like i blink and i'm staring at the sun light
another day to die all over again
waking up just to break down
every day has got to be this way

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