Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the american dream

(i had the dead kennedys in my head when i wrote this)

i wanna live in a gated community
i wanna live my life by what the the TV tells me
i wanna live my life in total apathy
i want corporate op/ed channels to form my opinion for me
pump me full of fear so i can cling to your distractions
i want to just accept your wild rationalizations
tell me what to buy so i can fit in
i'd stop and think for myself but i'm far too busy
i don't wanna know about your problems
i can't afford to help ya cos i'm defined by my possessions
i don't care if you don't have enough, only if i have more
i want to consume genetically modified food and bottled water
the newest useless contraption for a few months until they release something better
i buy magazine just to find out who i'm supposed to be

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