Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i think what god meant to say was.....

pick and choose what to believe
pick and choose what is worth following
in your book of fairy tales
tell me again how you do it all for the children
tell me again how each life is precious
and must be saved
just don't ask me to believe you
as you turn you back on the unfortunate ones
don't expect me to accept your pathetic rationalizations
as you help to hold them down and keep them in their place
it's all so simple if you just opened your eyes
an undereducated populace leads to an ignorant one
an ignorant populace leads to an easily distracted one
an easily distracted populace equals the perfect consumers
oh so easy to keep in line
a culture of waste, not progress
oh, right, to you and your holier than thou, self-righteous attitude
record profits at the expense of everyone else IS progress
money may make the world go round
but it will also lead to its destruction
selling your soul for a plasma TV
trading your values for a fucking SUV
and it's all for the kids, you say
fighting each other and not the problems
if all this will send me to hell then i can only wonder where it will send you
you've got no soul
no soul
no fucking soul at all

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