Thursday, February 5, 2009

march of the bobbleheads

(someone was in a bad mood that day!)

bobble along
in a neat little identical row
keep yer eye focused on the others
for your cue
for your lines
for your carefully worded lies
for your newest excuse
'the latest in rationalizations!'

and like a bad script all i can do is sit in dumbfounded amazement....
and wonder
'are they serious? how the fuck do they accept this bullshit!?'
and it's not just the script, mind you
but who hired the fucking casting director?
kudos to the props and special effects departments, however

do you have to repeat the lines in your head?
or do you just cling to your raft of naivety?
if only you cared about the planet the way you care about your lawn
your manufactured realities have poisoned the world
and yet....
you still can't stop
it's still not enough
more and more each year
until you've striped it all bare and privatized
maximized profits as much as you can
your festering wounds sink deeper
time is shrinking along with the fresh water, clean air....
and you still manage to have time for what if's?
we already let you play that game through and as you can see
you were a bit off the mark
you fuckin owe me one
stop your cleverly designed side arguments
you will not find salvation in these distractions or this corporate duopoly
i don't know why you even try
it's like the truth can be so obvious
but you still find a way to rationalize
bury your head
bury the truth
bury me and bury you
your selfishness
and greed
will destroy
us all

and i'm just wondering....
why the fuck don't you care?
you willfully drown in your sea of apathy
don't try to put your words in my mouth
or your sense of morals in my head
your false sense of morals
your fucking hypocritical, subjective sense of morals
fuck you
fuck the war and it's ever revolving justifications
fuck your corporate goons and their ties to this fucked up view of government
fuck your voting machines without papertrails that accidentally delete thousands
fuck the shadows kept behind the curtains of apathy
fuck the warhawks, investment bankers and bomb making elite
fuck the strings at the end of their fingertips that you chose to ignore
fuck your extraordinary rendition, secret prisons and prison ships
fuck your pr propaganda and this fucking mission
fuck your corporate talking heads feeding us your lies

bah bah americans have you any soul?
no sir, no sir, we just do as we're told

fat lil piggies wallowing in their greed
middle class piggies wallowing in their apathy
elected piggies wallowing in their denial
all the other critters wallowing in their self imposed ignorance
just get your lines and memorize them like a good little boy
balance them on your nose like a trained seal

just fess up
you don't care
you're not fooling anybody
just admit it
you don't care
at least aside from the generic reaction and gasp
you don't show it
just fucking say it
you don't care
at least not enough to actually do something about it
not even the smallest effort towards anything other than you're god damn self serving interests
and tell me how i got it all wrong
tell me how you really care
tell me how it will really be alright
and tell me again how you really don't support it but.....
just tell me who you hold accountable?

i guess what i'm trying to say is
i think we should see other people

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