Monday, February 9, 2009

the pledge of allegiance

sell my soul
loot my mind
steal my will to be
drown out my will to think
i just want to sit in front of my TV
and numb myself, everyday
i don't read
i don't think
i don't create
i don't expand
i buy my dreams
i trade my conscience for escape
but still there's something in the back of my head....
saying my life doesn't relate to these images
that their situations don't reflect my life
these aren't my problems
warning me
yeah, it could be....but it doesn't seem very likely....
a lighthouse lost in the fog of consumerism
i don't seek
i don't question
i don't wonder
i don't evolve
i accept
i assimilate myself for the sake of convenience and acceptance
don't blame me
i was in the comfort of my safe home
finding things to take my mind off the mess
choosing pacification over reaction
i complained to myself and the watercooler
i even shook my head and said it was a shame
what more do you want from me?

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