Monday, February 9, 2009

when can we?? (or 'don't i look rather dashing in my brown shirt?')

mass denials
single syllable logic
whispered to me from the television
through and through your words ring so hollow
and your neon sign of 'change' ain't foolin me
it's beyond your parties indiscretions
all rhetoric but no substance
change doesn't come from what you say in between election cycles
and it'll never come from giving in
and that's why i have to put my foot down
really, it's my obligation
maybe one day you'll find
ideals mean more than 4 years of bragging rights
and don't tell me to quiet down
i've got just as much right as you
there isn't much difference from where i stand
between you and a moral coward
and i'm far too familiar with this road of inaction you're headed down
so you'll have to excuse me when i refuse to follow
empty words
are all that come out
of your
fucking mouth
you speak in fairy tales and vague circles
are you incapable of telling the truth for just one moment?
feed me your cleverly worded denials
fill me up with false hope, again
temporarily pacify this call for change
but you sound so resolute
so hopefull
promising me hope and change that i can believe in
but it still feels so hollow
how will you bring change by protecting the status quo?
i will no longer take part
in your apathetic corporate charade
the only way i could waste my vote
would be in being your accomplice

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