Wednesday, February 4, 2009


the TV speaks to me selling me false realities and lies
why must the bottom line always end in dollar signs?
the american dream was murdered for greed
pushing their waste and marketing it as need
they're buying and selling off shares of fear
choosing between puppet A and puppet B every 4 years
they started it writing it into all their scripts
spare me your tired, sensationalistic rhetoric
keepin us occupied with trivial party conflicts
while the right hand has a gun to our head and the left doesn't give a shit
it's got me searchin for enlightenment but all i find is 1/2 truths and lies
united by quiet distractions and ignorance while they sell off our lives
never questioning the facts, taught to just blindly accept
ignoring the fact that the media is owned by the military-industrial complex
pushin their agendas and the 'need' for war
with the whole world lookin at us like a greedy little whore
laughin to each other while they rob us blind
lookin over maps, pointing and sayin 'that one's mine!'
our news has turned into Jerry Springer, lives of celebrities and other useless shit
fuck education, fuck health care, fuck the environment
let's bitch about Janet Jackson's partially obscured tit

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