Monday, February 9, 2009

your apathetic inaction is what keepts it this way

trapped behind enemy lines
surrounded bu distracted lemmings
who obey every command
very much like a trained seal
who never stray from the line
who fail to question or even try to grow a thought of their very own
led by crazy fanatics
spreading nothing but hate, greed, ignorance and fear
shouting their orders through pixilated megaphones
through preplanned question and answer sessions
fed to us from robotic corporate talking heads
while the docile herd stumbles mindlessly along
the apathetic masses blinded by the flashing lights
being indoctrinated to your system of greed
your system of greed
your system of greed
you fucking cowards
just shoot your missiles and drop your bombs from far away
never think of who bleeds
as long as it's not you
as long as you're not confronted by your barbaric deeds
as long as you can just turn the channel to something else
you fucking cowards
send someone else to die for your profit margins
just as long as it's not you on the other end
just as long as it's not your kid that finds the u.x.o.
and you expect me to embrace you?
if anyone deserves to live near DU rounds it's you
you expect me to accept you?
you fucking cowards
just close your eyes
stick your fingers in your ears
hum softly
look the other way
shrug your shoulders
do nothing
do nothing
do nothing
you just can't be bothered
too afraid to rock the boat
money is your god
selfishness and deceit are your path
it's all you know
it's all you've chosen to know
all your bring is death and your corporate chains
your corporate whip
your corporate boots
your corporate justifications
your corporate thirst to suck it all dry
your corporate sense of entitlement
your pre-packaged, mass-produced 'thoughts'
you fucking cowards
everything is not ok
no matter what the TV says

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