Thursday, February 5, 2009

lame attempt #5,849

(to Tool's 'Stinkfist', i don't know why i thought it was a good idea)

has to change
drastically and forever
and all you're doing is standing in the fucking way
selfishly take more than you need
and i don't think you know any other way

it's not enough
you need more
destroy dreams to satisfy
if you want it
you just take it
save your storybook history for someone who's blind

you don't care how far you have to alter the lie
you don't give a damn the human cost it takes to get there
just look me in the eye, lie to my face and shake my hand

parasitic entities
with guns pointed at everyone else's head
lackeys are comforting the herd
and selling greed as the american way

it's never enough
always need more
distractions made to pacify
i guess
just ignore it
accept the edit
your thoughts, your belief structure, your way of life is a fucking lie

you don't care how deep you have to bury the lie
moral subjectivity is just something that you'll get used to
just hold your breath and close your eyes

corporate cameras have cast their spell
showing sheep the way they oughta be
you rationalize everything
swallow up their double-speak

your empty words don't mean anything to me
do you really not think anything's wrong at all?


you don't care how many have to die
just as long as it's not in your neighborhood and it keeps prices lower when you get there
you'll always hold onto your fucking lie
exploit it all and poison everything

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