Thursday, February 5, 2009

will the revolution be available via text messaging?

(the product of drugs and Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada)

how can you just sit there and do nothing
while everything dies?
poisoned our waters
poisoned our skies
so much needless suffering and dying
all because of your greed and lies
send our kids off to a prison
for 6 hours at a time
how can you just stand there
hand in pockets and divert your eyes?
don't tell me you don't feel it
can't feel the numbing
generations squandered
chasing materialistic abstractions
like sheep or cattle staying in our pen
fed manufactured ignorance and distractions
only thing you're taught
is how to obey on a plantation of corporate design
only thing you're taught
is that you better stay in line
and it's sad
renting out our bodies for some dimes
and it's sad
what can be so easily justified
that your moral subjectivity makes the profits rationalized
breastfed conformity, 1/2 truths, misconceptions and lies
and it's sad that we've all become so desensitized
an entire nation raised on network and text book lies
how can we really tell our children we just sat back and did nothing?

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