Thursday, February 5, 2009

streaming and deeeeeep breath

i had the thought again today
that we only have ourselves to blame
thinkin 'how do you figure
if you don't address it, it'll all just disappear?'
and i hope you choke on the lies you swallow
kept safe from all you choose not to see

how can you care so little?
how much can you pretend not to notice?
all you portray is selfish apathy
how do you expect me to trust your sincerity?

there was a time you were aware
before you chose to divert your eyes
ignore the obvious
pick a team color
then point the finger and blame the other
pretending your intentions are honorable

your pretentious posturing and posing gets us nowhere
but further down
your blatant denials
constant justifications
are overwhelming me
embracing you seems beyond reality

and it always comes down to you
it all comes down to your greed
it's all that you know
it's all that you breathe

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