Wednesday, February 4, 2009

pre-packaged products

following the line, never daring to stray an inch
he might as well have been asleep
afraid to speak, too nervous to even pursue his own thoughts
it had been far too long since he even had an independent one
standing in line waiting to but a personality
never finding himself, instead clinging to the fleeting image of what is accepted
the image the advertising agencies and marketing execs had decided upon this season
glancing from side to side
hoping to catch a glimpse of what is safe to be, what is accepted to think
straining his ears to hear what the new catch phrase will be
"what fashionable trend shall i reinvent myself as this year? this is me, i'm original!!"
screams the mass marketed, pre-packaged choir
originality shouldn't come with a catchy slogan or label attached to it

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