Wednesday, February 4, 2009

shock and terrorize (an ode to paul wolfowitz)

(i wrote this after watching a documentary called The Panama Deception. the day after i wrote it paul wolfowitz was made head of the world bank)

is over 75% of the casualties 'precise'?
see, there's this nagging in my head that says 'no'
and while i don't have a dictionary handy
something is telling me 'surgical' may not be the proper word, either.
but that's just me
we all know war is ugly so we must shelter ourselves from reality and accept the script they have come up with
let's kid ourselves
and grab our blankies
it's all for the greater good, right?
it's all justifiable in the end, you just need.....
to look at it in a certain light
maybe twist it to the side a little bit
repeat it softly to yourself
embrace it
we all know
war is hell

when's the last time Halliburton paid taxes?
how often did Dubya's companies pay taxes?
$9 BILLION in Iraq unaccounted for how?
TRILLIONS unnaccounted for in the defense budget?
what miscalibrations, 'accidentally deleted votes' and voter irregularities?
oh, but how they stand there with their chests puffed out
lips all pouty and decree how bad such a thing is......
smoke and mirrors, my friends
smoke and mirrors

our political system is a complete cancerous mess
infested with lil piggies suckin on the teet of our tax money
money that simply can not be accounted for
that is.....
the trail grows cold after being placed in their hands
stuffing their pockets full, circle jerking, bending us over often enough....
but hey why think about such things?
that might mean i may have to actually do something.....
i may have to hold someone accountable and i just can't be bothered
i might have to sacrifice a little bit for.....
my fellow man??
hell, i don't even know him
and what the fuck has he done for me lately, anyhow?
and besides
if strange things were afoot surely the uber liberal media would've alerted us a loooooong time ago
the liberal media owned by.....
who again?
the same ones telling us to just play?
don't think
don't question
just forget
just consume
just look the other way
just give in to the distractions
it's easier to just not think about it

the same ones telling us every week something new to be afraid of
continually pumping us full of fear to where it's hard to function
the same ones telling us about the newest wonder drug that will make it ok
hurry, before the side effects become too dangerous
the same ones filling our conformity boxes with mindless crap
created solely to distract
and blind
and makes us forget
there ever was an unjustified war
that $9 billion and millions of weapons are unaccounted for
that it turned out there never really was a reason for this war
but i don't have time to care right now
i can't miss american idol
who do ya think will be voted off the island this week??
the same ones showing the approved footage
are the same ones manufacturing the cluster bombs
the same ones telling us how they were used so effectively
effective to whose standards?
that is the question that really must be asked
someone really must put a dictionary on their christmas list

looking out a window to see total devastation
seeing mass graves piling up
turning on the TV and seeing.....
something that looks nothing like the view from the window
the view from the street
the view from almost anywhere you go in this burnt down, crater filled town
the same view from everywhere but the other side of the tracks
the side they do show
the side where lives the ones who see it 'the right way'
the ones with homes and connections far too nice to bomb
it's not that they don't want us to see it, per se....
we simply must be shielded from such images
we can't go turning the public off, can we?
we have a deal for a video game of this war in the works
advertising revenue, folks
that's what's important

world banks
world debt
yet record profits
your skewed balance....
world hunger....
no, on second thought
make that
selective hunger
i think that is far more appropriate, no, don't you?
world wars
bullies holding the planet hostage
gun in one hand
placed firmly in their backs
stuffing pockets with one hand
foreign banks and offshore accounts with the other
looking down and noticing, to some disgust and annoyance, some of the blood
but hey,
they're nice enough to hire some of them to clean it up
those stains are so hard to get out, after all
and i simply can't be bothered with seeing it
no sir

there's a saying
i think they might even have it in Tennessee
you can flock some of the herd some of the time
can't get fooled again.....
well....maybe that's not an exact quote
but what, nowadays, ever really is?
not everyone was force fed the same edited version of what is mistakenly labeled as 'history'
not everyone has been indoctrinated in the gloriously freeing habit of selective amnesia
they don't forget how empty their children's bellies were
while you were impatiently waiting on that refill and someone ought to fire that fucking waiter
they won't forget the sounds of their children's cries at night
while you mingled at function drinking, laughing, making little jokes
they can't forget the date on that eviction notice
while you fly from a secure ranch to a bill signing photo-op

i just don't understand
you seem to sadistically enjoy all of this...
why not go all out?
why not make it the spectacle it is to you?
why not pain the cluster bombs like easter eggs?
ya know
kill 2 birds with 1 stone
embrace our religion
or maybe mines like christmas presents
embrace our culture
don't you agree?
point being
get back in fucking line
point being
shut the fuck up
you were warned
damn Fallujahns got what they deserved
so did those damned Guatemalans
and the Panamanians
and the Nicaraguans
and the Iranians
and the Salvadorians
and the Argentineans
fuck it
let's cut to the chase
....anyone else who had something we wanted and wouldn't play ball
they had it coming
they only have themselves to blame

take comfort in your distractions
your empty, hollowed distractions
thank god for michael jackson
and terri shivao
thank god congress is investigating steroid use in baseball
we won't have to be bothered with such stories for now
just ease your mind
eat some over processed food
drink some beer
your guilt is not just implied
your guilt is in your silence
the silence that equals consent
your consent that 'each life is precious' is actually pretty subjective
that ends really do justify the means
as long as taxes don't go up
as long as i don't have to bother with anything
our recurring theme
stand behind your chosen figurehead
repeat the mantra 'they hate me for my freedom'
shake your fist over <3,000
scream for blood
howl for revenge
just don't expect the world to care much
when those numbers are far eclipsed there
every year
at the ends of our guns
our bombs
our policies

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