Monday, February 9, 2009

you are a target market

in my mind
none of this seems real
all the time
i can't help but feel
that everything i hear
is dumbed down and sugar coated
they made our fear color coded
everything i buy
is another lie

dumb me down
just so i won't care what's real
numb my mind
because i don't want to have to deal
that despite it all
i still feel everything was planned this way
you obscure my view, but i don't really seem to care
i want my news all about celebrity hair

i just don't want to know
corporate news keep me safe and warm
tuck me in
and comfort me with your fuzzy logic
distort the truth and sugar coat it
market fear then color code it
everything i hear
is another lie

keep in line
if ya know what's good for you
turn off your mind
we'll tell you what you should do
we'll tell you when to cheer and shout
and dance like the puppets you are
real progress is just too hard
to be achieved
don't think about it, just accept the message
don't worry about your inactive stasis
everything i read
is just another fucking lie

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