Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i just want to sleep

(by the way, the $300 references was that first stimulus check bush gave that made so many suddenly stop questioning things)

i turn on the TV and rest my head on a fluffy pillow of deceit
fuzzy logic
faulty math
cooked books
i need my news summed up for me in 10 second sound bytes and spoonfed to me by robotic talking heads
it's all the same except for slight wording changes no matter which channel i turn to
please fill me with false hope
please distract me from reality
i sold my child's future for $300 and i need the reassurance that my greed is justifiable
i need that cleverly manufactured and tested rationalization to embrace me
to comfort me
to hold me tight
to convince me everything's alright
so i can sleep at night
give me the answer that will dismiss this nagging in my head
show me how "those who trade liberty for security deserve neither" was taken out of context
please, just show me the way because the TV contradicts my conscience
lord, i just need to sleep
for i need to rent my body and soul early tomorrow for a pocketful of change
it's almost a new year so why does it still fell like 1984?
direct me to the proper line to stand in
hand me the cue cards so i may practice my lines
it surely can't be a lie if everyone is saying it
the truth has become too long and must be edited
spun to the approval of those who hold the chains
the chains i must grow to love
oh corporate media, where oh where would i be without you?
please tell me a nice story
give it a happy ending
i don't care if it doesn't make any sense at all
i don't care if my head screams "this can not be!"
i just need to sleep
i swear i will never question you, my divine savior
i will do as i'm told
i promise to be good
i'll be productive
i'll make you proud, you'll see
i don't need the whole story
i just need to sleep
i want reality to be what you have carefully laid out for me
like a child's clothes
tell me what i should be afraid of tomorrow
keep me waiting anxiously between commercial breaks
tell me anything
i don't care
tell me anything
just so i can sleep
it makes no difference that these pretty promises you never keep
i am what you tell me to be
help kill the doubt in my mind that my morals were cheap
if only so i can sleep

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